Club AGM – 11th August 2014 7pm

Lodge Park Leisure Centre


Attendees – Tom Cardwell, Stewart Abraham, Henry Arthur, Chris Haynes, Aaron Moore, Stephen Woolston, Ken Murie, Kyle Murie, Nathan Brown, Dan Bottrill

Apologies - Lee O’Boyle, Nigel Hunt


Secretaries Report – Henry

The round up of last season was generally positive, a very good collection of trophies across all teams, 2 handicap cups, first division promotion, most improved player and the sportsmanship trophy. Also many great individual achievements, Kyle Murie, Dan Bottrill, Rob Warrender and  Henry Arthur to name just some.

We lost three players over the season, Ryan, Matt – Moved away and Eric moved away.

We gained one new player – Marian.


Treasurers Report – Stewart

The draft end of year accounts were presented which highlighted a major problem with the club finances.  Our expected income of player subs and match fees is not being collected from a number of players  and therefore leaving the club in a situation that Stewart has “loaned” £210 to the kitty.  Dan Bottrill paid £110 of match fees he had collected over the season, Aaron also paid fees.  Each team captain from last season agreed to chace the outstanding payments from team members.

Agreed action – All subs for next season must be paid by September 30th 2014.

Match fees to be collected by team captains at each match and paid to Stewart at each of the committee meetings – keeping cashflow of the club positive



Team formation – Henry


The Kettering league season 2014-15 will be made up of 3 divisions. Premier 12 teams, First 11 teams and Second 8 teams (playing 3 times)

Corby teams are:




Chris Haynes ©, Lee O’Boyle, Henry Arthur


Kyle Murie ©, Nigel Hunt, Aaron Moore, Guy Sparrow, (Aiden Smith & Mickey Clarke)




Stewart Abraham ©, Keith McLaren, Rob Warrender, Stephen Woolston




Dan Bottrill ©, Nathan Brown, Tom Cardwell, John Hunt, Ken Murie


Club subs agreed to be:

Adults - £50 (this includes £10 registration fee for Table Tennis England)

Juniors and Seniors - £30 (this includes £10 registration fee for Table Tennis England)

Match Fees –

Adults - £5 per match

Juniors and Seniors - £3 per match

Each member playing in the league will be issued with a new club shirt which MUST be worn at all league and cup games and Kettering League tournaments.


Newly elected Secretary to compile full contact list for all members




Club Development Plan – Henry

A club development plan (detailed below) was recommended to the meeting by Henry Arthur and Chris Haynes


Club currently has 18 playing members and 4 teams in the league.  Of those members the split is:

Aged 40+: 5 members  (28%)

Aged 30-40: 7 members (38%)

Aged 18-30: 4 members (22%)

Under 18: 2 members (11%)

All are male and are white British.

We have 6 regular attendees at junior coaching sessions, and the occasional adult social player attending the senior sessions.  We have had many juniors/adults attend over the last few years but they have not continued for various reasons.

We have 2 active qualified coaches.  Tom is ETTA 3/UKCC 2 and Henry is UKCC 1 and will complete his UKCC 2 this year.  Henry also holds a level 2 Community Sports Leader Award and is UKCC qualified multiskills coach.

Looking at the KetteringLeague, working from the March ranking list it shows that there are 124 players listed plus 16 players with dummy rankings so 140 in total.  Corby had 22 players  (16%) of the players with 5 teams out of 31 (16%).

132 of the 140 players were men and 8 were women (6%).

129 players were White British (92%)

15 were juniors (11%)

28 were aged 18-40 (20%)

97 were aged 40+ (69%)

Sport England's Active People Survey 7 (APS7) said 110,100 people (0.25%) of the population were taking part in table tennis at least once a week for at least 30 mins.  APS6 figures were 111,900 (0.26%) and APS1 showed 69,400 (0.17%).

2011 census shows Corby has a population 61,600 and is expected to double in the next 30 years.  Our club has 18 members and a maximum of 6 juniors at the beginner stage making 24 people in total  or 0.0004% of Corby's population.  Obviously there will be some people playing socially who don't attend our club but we are still some way off the national figure.   If we look at Wellingborough, the population there is 49,087 (2011 census) and there are over 200 people that attend their clubs (0.004%).  If 0.004% of Corby's population played at our club that would equate to  246 people!!!  How would we cope with that?




Double our club membership by 2016-2017 season.

Have 6 juniors attending junior coaching sessions (Beginners) by 2016

Have 6 juniors attending junior coaching sessions (Development) by 2016

Have 5 juniors attending junior coaching sessions (Advanced) by 2016

This equates to 17 junior players at our club at various levels by 2016.

Enter a team in either the national junior or cadet league for the 2016-2017 season.

Enter a team consisting exclusively of Corby TTC players in the Senior British League by 2017-2018 season.




Step 1 is to register as a Table Tennis England Premier Club (£35) and work on becoming Clubmark Accredited.

Henry has already set up an official satellite club at Kingswood Academy which will run on Thursdays at lunchtime and after school.

Through his employment as a sports coach with CBC, he will be running a lunch time club at Oakley Vale Primary school.

Henry (CBC) currently runs after school sports sessions at Beanfield School and with the help of Chris' wife who is a teacher at the school, there has been some initial discussions regarding the setting up of some table tennis sessions there.

Beanfield and Oakley Vale are part of the same trust that run the CTC and there may be the possibility of running some sessions at the CTC as well, though this has still to be explored.

Commonwealth games competitor and England ladies number 4 Hannah Hicks has been running some table tennis sessions at Lodge Park School (part of the David Ross Educational Trust) and we should try to link in with that if possible.

Set up an over 40's/50's/60s session to be held at Kingswood during the day (am or pm), possibly using funding from Sport England/National Lottery.

Set up a "TT Tots" session for children under 7, possibly on a Saturday morning, again with funding from Sport England/National Lottery.

Use Sportivate funding to run sessions at an additional venue for 6-8 weeks.  Possible venues could be the CBA due to the substantial housing development going on at Priors Hall/Stanion etc.  Lodge Park Sports Centre could be another venue.

Henry/Chris to prepare funding bids in conjunction with CBC's sport development team (Adam) and Northants Sport (NSPORT) development team (Felicity).

Parents can struggle to get their children to our club for 6pm so potentially move our Wednesday night session to a 6.30pm start.



Continue to use the website and facebook pages.

NSport website

CBC/CSF website

Noticeboard at Kingswood

New flyer/business cards


Local press




As well as funding from Sport England/Lottery, Chris is actively looking at commercial sponsorship opportunities.

Speak to table tennis suppliers (Thorntons, Bribar, Teesport etc) regarding sponsorship deals.

Match fees/membership

Restructuring of fees to include the cost of a new shirt every season which should be worn to all matches home or away, all local tournaments and potentially SBL and national junior league matches.  This will help the club to attract shirt sponsorship.  Possibly add extra £1 to all league matches to cover the initial cost of the shirts.

If the junior section does take off, then those that attend coaching sessions regularly should be encouraged to purchase the club shirt which will encourage loyalty to the club.


New Committee Structure/Regular meetings


Propose that Tom is voted in as President.

Propose that Henry is to be the Chair.

Propose that Chris is to be the Secretary.

Propose that Stewart to be the Treasurer.

Welfare officer? Potentially Nigel???

Potentially have other roles going forward such as social events organiser, coaching officer, membership co-ordinator etc.

Coaches: Tom, Henry.  Potentially Kyle, Ken, Chris, Nigel, Lee???

Have 4 meetings per calendar year (AGM plus 3 others).  Minutes to be taken and distributed to all members, with all members encouraged to attend and have their say.



All of the above actions were agreed and Henry and Chris are to start working towards the achievement of the goals and report at the next committee meeting.

Stewart to send copies of the club constitution and policies to Chris for inclusion on the website.

Chris to set up a club dropbox account so all documents and policies can be shared between club officials. 



Election of Officers


Officers proposed and elected as per the “Club Development Plan” by committee





Nathan Brown suggested “Karl Sports” of Kettering as a potential sponsor – Chris Haynes to follow up



Date of Next Meeting – Monday 17th November 2014 7pm at Lodge Park Leisure Centre